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Why Were Labor Day Weekend 2010 DUI Arrests Down?

September 13th, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010 DUI arrests were down across California this year.  According to the California Highway Patrol there were 900 DUI related arrests statewide over the long three day weekend as compared with 923 arrests for the same period last year.

Could the flat statistics be a result of the recession?  In other words, could the decrease in arrests be a reflection of statewide police layoffs and cutbacks?  In Santa Clara County the facts would indicate otherwise.  From Friday August 20, 2010, through Saturday September 4, 2010, DUI patrols and sobriety check points were increased as part of a summer DUI crackdown campaign.  Notwithstanding the added enforcement efforts, there were only 343 driving under the influence arrests compared with 363 arrests for the same period a year ago.

 Although the above statistics may reflect a year over year decrease in California DUI related arrests, penalties for a DUI conviction are still potentially quite severe including license suspension, jail time, probation, fines, court fees, alcohol classes, increased insurance premiums, and a criminal record.

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