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If you or a loved one have been arrested for a drug crime I invite you to call and speak to me personally.

While the passage of Proposition 36 in 2000 marked the beginning of the “so called” end of the war on drugs in California as to cases involving the personal use of drugs, the California criminal justice system continues to treat quite harshly persons convicted of crimes involving drug trafficking, possession for sale of drugs, and drug sales.

When faced with more serious charges, such as: Possession for drug sales, Drugs sales, Manufacturing drugs, and Cultivation of marijuana one is precluded from taking advantage of the Drug Diversion and the Proposition 36 drug treatment programs.  In these cases one should contact our office immediately.

Attorney Bernard P. Bray has extensive experience handling drug cases and a long record of Successful Results.  Attorney Bernard P. Bray produces results in drug cases by: Attacking drug charges on fourth amendment and other technical grounds, Tenaciously negotiating favorable settlements where appropriate, and Successfully presenting defensible cases to juries.  Should you or a loved one be faced with drug charges and wish to minimize your consequences to the fullest extent possible contact Attorney Bernard P. Bray immediately. Call (408) 292-9700.

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