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Is Business Booming for Santa Clara County Vice Cops?

September 14th, 2010

As anyone who has ever perused a copy of the San Jose Metro, or who has ever visited MYREDBOOK.COM already knows, the world’s oldest profession is very alive and well in San Jose and Santa Clara County. 

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Mike Paresa reported to the San Jose Mercury News last week that an investigation that lasted eight months, and involved more than thirty officers, netted two people that oversaw an alleged prostitution ring headquartered in Santa Clara County.  The ring employed mainly Chinese women that were making $12,000.00 a month.  Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Joe Walldherr commented that “The way the economy is and how lucrative this is, it’s very common.  We’ll shut one down and there will be 10 of them opening up.  They’re all over.”

Notwithstanding the huge investment of manpower and resources, the Sheriff’s office justified the investigation, in part, because prostitutes can be vulnerable to robberies and sometimes held in the industry against their wishes. 

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