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California leads the nation in Juvenile arrests and in incarceration rates. In California Police arrest minors more often than the rest of the nation. Many of our state’s schools are actually patrolled by on duty Police Officers during regular school hours. Many discipline issues that were traditionally handled by school deans and administrative staff, are now referred into the Juvenile system for criminal prosecution. More minors accused of serious offenses are now being referred into the Adult Justice system for prosecution. More younger children are being referred into the Juvenile system than ever before, and more minors are being processed with convictions for crimes that will follow them into their adult life.

Attorney Bernard P. Bray is sensitive to the trauma that the arrest of a youth can have on a family and the potential detrimental impact on a youth’s future. If a young loved one of yours has been arrested contact Attorney Bernard P. Bray immediately for a free consultation. Call (408) 292-9700.

The Juvenile court system is much different that the adult criminal justice system. The rights of Juvenile offenders are different from adult offenders. Arrested Juvenile offenders are not entitled to such basic rights as bail and jury trial.

The Juvenile justice system is swift moving and complex. In most cases an interview with a Probation Officer will be scheduled shortly after an arrest. A minor has the right to an attorney at such interview, and should always exercise that right, in that everything a minor says at the interview can later be used against the minor. At that interview the Probation Officer will also evaluate the case and decide to recommend to the court to release the minor, or hold the minor in custody until further hearings. At that interview it is critical to establish the fact of effective parental care, a fit home, that the minor is no danger to himself or others or the property of others, and that the minor is not a flight risk in order to maximize the probability of a favorable recommendation for release.

There are many parties involved in the processing of a juvenile case including the police, prosecutors, juvenile probation officers, attorneys, investigators, and oftentimes community based organizations. An attorney is needed to guide the minor and his parents through the maze of the Juvenile court system with a view toward minimizing the minor’s losses at every stage of the process.

If your child has been arrested Attorney Bernard P. Bray can help. It is best to call our office immediately upon your child being arrested. It can make the difference.

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