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Does The Recession Affect Domestic Violence?

September 4th, 2010

If there is a link between financial stress and domestic violence, than the recession must be affecting domestic violence.  No question about it the recession has caused increased stress, but is it really making people more violent?  In a recent blog post, 4-14-10, I addressed the year over year spike in local domestic violence arrests.  In an earlier blog post, 2-15-10, I suggested a review of how we are utilizing our public resources on domestic violence prevention efforts.  Now I am urging a re-consideration of current policies that slash funding for domestic violence services from state and local government budgets.

Experts have noted for years that oftentimes victims of domestic violence are financially dependant on their abusers, and therefore, locked into the relationship.  The recession has made life much more difficult for this category of victim.  This is so because public funds for domestic violence services and support programs have been drastically cut by strained local governments.  In California the annual budget stalemate in Sacramento does not bode well for state funding of domestic violence services in the coming year.  Last year Governor Schwarzenegger slashed $16.3 million dollars of funds budgeted for domestic violence services, and if this history is to be the guide, the near term future does not look good, for either the budget, and for domestic violence victims.

Domestic violence is a serious social problem with awful consequences for everyone.  Attorney Bernard P. Bray has many years of experience successfully dealing with domestic violence issues, and assisting clients and their families in minimizing the impact of an arrest for a domestic violence related offense.    Should you have questions regarding domestic violence, or should you or a loved one need effective representation because of a domestic violence related arrest please call San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyer Bernard P. Bray at (408) 292-9700.


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