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DUI Checkpoints, A Potential Gold Mine For Cash Strapped Local Governments?

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

DUI checkpoints are a direct method of clearing our roads of drunken drivers, but they are also providing a much needed unintended source of cash for local governments.  Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 14602.6 Police Officers may on the spot seize cars driven by unlicensed motorists, and subject them to a 30 day impoundment.  Interestingly, more cars were seized from unlicensed California drivers in 2009 at DUI checkpoints, than suspected drunken drivers that were arrested.

An Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California Berkeley recently reported that California DUI check points generated an estimated $40 million in towing costs and administrative fees from seizing cars from unlicensed drivers in 2009, money that was shared by local governments and towing firms.

The law provides that responsibility for paying storage, towing and administrative charges is the responsibility of all registered owners of the cars that are seized as the result of having been driven by unlicensed drivers.  The administrative charges assessed by local governments significantly run up the bill.  And, all Cities, Counties, and the State, are all entitled to access these fees pursuant to California Vehicle Code section 22850.5.

Currently sobriety checkpoints that the California Highway Patrol operates do not result in administrative fees being accessed on seized vehicles that are driven by unlicensed drivers, but it appears only to be a matter of time before the State of California gets on board, and edges in on the extra income generating scheme.

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