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Can I Really Lose My License? (Part II)

July 6th, 2009

In a recent blog entry I wrote about license suspension pursuant to the California Administrative Per Se suspension rule.  In California drunk driving is not the only offense that can put your driving privilege at risk.  There is a virtual laundry list of offenses that have the potential of resulting in a driver’s license suspension.  These offenses include, but are not limited to, drunk driving, domestic violence, reckless driving, vandalism, hit and run, disorderly conduct, almost all drug offenses, including simple possession where a car is involved, and that is only a partial listing.  Other circumstances that put your driving privilege at risk are medical conditions such as epilepsy, age, a record of accidents, involvement in an accident resulting in a death, a record of tickets, missed or late payments on civil court ordered judgments or family support obligations, and the list goes on.

Driving in California on a license that has been suspended for any one of the above reasons is serious.  It is a misdemeanor crime.  Conviction of a misdemeanor crime in California comes with any number of potential direct and collateral consequences, including Jail time, and immigration problems for the non-citizen.

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