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Can It Be the Economy?

February 15th, 2010

Statistics for domestic violence related deaths in Santa Clara County for 2009 are in, and they are staggering.  Notwithstanding heightened community attention, and a vast public expenditure of resources in domestic violence prevention efforts for many years now, there were eleven domestic violence related deaths in Santa Clara County in 2009, more than a threefold increase over 2008.

Some have opined that it’s the economy.  Unquestionably, the economic stress associated with the recession has pushed some families to the economic brink, but is that the reason for the increase in deaths?  Perhaps it is the economy, or just a coincidence, or it might be time to take a hard look at how we as a community are utilizing our public resources in domestic violence prevention efforts.

Domestic violence is a serious social problem with awful consequences for everyone.  Should you have questions regarding domestic violence please call San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyer Bernard P. Bray at (408) 292-9700.  San Jose Domestic Violence Lawyer Bernard P. Bray has many years of experience dealing with domestic violence issues, and assisting clients and their families in minimizing the impact of an arrest for a domestic violence related offense of a family member.

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