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The Oldest Profession Alive and Well in San Jose?

February 16th, 2010

As anyone who has ever perused a copy of the San Jose Metro, or who has ever visited extremely popular SFREDBOOK.COM already knows, the world’s oldest profession is apparently very alive and well in San Jose and Santa Clara County.

Prostitution is an agreement between consenting people to provide sexual activity in exchange for money. The crime requires activity toward accomplishing the agreement. The activity can be any step taken toward a sexual act. Whether sex actually occurs or not, is not essential to establish the crime.

All communities in the south bay area of San Francisco take prostitution crimes very seriously. And, prostitution charges are vigorously prosecuted in Santa Clara County. The San Jose Police Department, Sunnyvale Police Department, and many other Police Departments in Santa Clara County even have specialized units of experienced police officers focused solely on eradicating prostitution.

Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean immigrants, in particular, are oftentimes the target of prostitution investigations in Santa Clara County, and as immigrants, they face potentially serous immigration consequences upon conviction for prostitution.

San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyer Bernard P. Bray has given special attention to  prostitution cases for over 20 years. Attorney Bernard P. Bray has been successful in asserting defenses based on many theories, including double jeopardy and outrageous police misconduct in attacking prostitution charges on technical grounds, and has an excellent track record with prostitution cases in front of juries.

Prostitution allegations should not be taken lightly. When faced with a prostitution case call San Jose Criminal Attorney Bernard P. Bray at: (408) 292-9700. Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean interpreters are available on request.


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